About the Council
Myths and Realities
The WV Developmental Disabilities Council is a 32 member organization that was established by an

Administration for
Children and Families

Executive Order of the Governor on March 6, 1972. The Council is authorized and funded by the

Myth: People with disabilities are sick or have something wrong with them and they need to be cured.

Reality: Having a disability is not the same as being sick. Disabilitiesare not contagious, and people with disabilitiesdon't need to be cured.

Federal Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (P.L. 106-402). It is administratively
supported by the WV Department of Health and Human Resources. The Council's mission is to assure that
West Virginians with developmental disabilities receive the services, supports, and opportunities they need
to acieve indepencdence, productivity, integration, and inclusion into the community of their choice. It does
this in four major ways:
1) including people withd developmental disabilities and their families in the development of policies and
2) analyzing needs and proposing changes to the human service system;
3) providing training and technical asistance to build competent and inclusive communities;

4) providing grants to community organizationt to demonstrate innovative services and practices.

Over 60% of the Council is comprised of citizens with developmental disabilities and family members
of people with developmental disabilities. These members are appointed by the governor and serve four
year terms. The remaining members represent State and private organizations concerned with the provision
of services to people withd developmental disabilities. The Council is subdivided into six committees:
Community Living, Education, Employment, Executive, Nominating, and System Coordination/
CommunityEducation. Each of these committees is responsible for:
1) Collecting and analyziing information regarding the needs of and services provided to people with
developmental disabilities;
2) developing policies, positions, andinitiatives intended to enhance the delivery of services; overseeing
grant projects and sponsored programs; raising public awareness of disabilitey issues and soliciting
participation ofpeople with developmental disabilities and their families in disability issues.
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